Our Mission

CMI exists to be catalysts for discipling nations. We believe the calling of all Christians is to “go and make disciples of all nations.” (Matthew 28:19). This mission exceeds the capacities of one church or one organization. Ultimately it is a movement of the Holy Spirit achieved over decades of faithful witness. Nevertheless, we believe that Scripture and history reveal three essential “spark points” to nationwide discipleship:

The Gospel. We believe the only true hope is found in the Gospel of Jesus Christ — the Good News that God has not abandoned us, but sent His one and only son who lived the life we could not live and died the death we should have died and was raised again to life. By grace through faith in Him we are rescued from destruction, adopted into the family of God and granted eternal life. The remedy for the evil and injustice of the world begins and ends with this One True Hope. The gospel is simple, but endlessly deep — transforming individual lives, communities, cities and nations.

The Church. We believe that the most effective means for spreading the hope of the gospel is the Church. The Church is the one institution that Jesus formed and is the most effective means for sharing the Good News and discipling people to full maturity in Christ. The Church has stood the test of time and despite failures, has done more good than any institution in history. Church planting was the fundamental mission model of the Early Church and remains the most effective means of evangelism the world has ever known.

The City. We believe that reaching cities is a strategic imperative. Throughout history cities have formed and shaped the values, beliefs and culture of nations. This was true 2,000 years ago when just 3% of the world’s population lived in cities. It is even more so today as more than 50% of the world’s population now lives in cities. One of the most compelling aspects of the missionary work of the Apostle Paul and the Early Church is that their ministries for the first 300 years of the Church were focused almost exclusively in the cities.

Our Role

In fulfilling our calling to be catalysts for discipling nations, CMI serves in three specific ways:

IGNITE Vision. Vision is at the heart of any movement. CMI is a catalyst to IGNITE the vision of urban church leaders for achieving an exponentially great gospel impact in their nations.

UNITE Leaders. Unity is the most powerful witness to a watching world and an imperative for cultivating church planting movements of enduring value. CMI is catalyst to UNITE local and international Christian leaders around a common gospel-centered, church planting vision for their city and nation.

EQUIP Churches. Strong, multiplying churches is imperative for discipling nations. CMI is a catalyst to EQUIP local churches with the start up resources that accelerate gospel impact and create sustainable, multiplying church planting movements.

Our Approach

Church Ministries International is an outgrowth of the Encounter with God (Encuentro con Dios) Movement that began in 1973 in Lima, Peru. The movement began with one church of 180 people and is today a network of more than 75 churches in Lima alone with tens of thousands attending weekly. In addition, the movement planted churches in each of the provincial capitals of Peru and sparked similar movements in capital cities throughout the continent.

The Encounter Movement is characterized by four core concepts on the strategic level and ten basic principles at the local level that guide each church toward balanced, gospel-centered ministry. To learn more about the Encounter with God Vision, click here.

Our Concentration

CMI currently focuses its efforts on the Spanish-speaking world with primary emphasis in Latin America. The focus of our 20/20 Vision is to see Encounter with God Church Planting Movements initiated in the 20 capital cities of Latin America and to see an average network of 20 churches in each capital city.