From CMI’s Executive Director…

I know this is a crazy time of year mid December 2020…in the midst of a year of craziness. I just wanted to pop in and recap some of the recent news we’ve shared around CMI.

It’s hard to believe, but 2020 ended up being an amazing year of ministry thanks to our CMI friends’ prayers, faithfulness, and generosity through it all. 

Heading into the Thanksgiving season, I shared a few 2020 highlights for us to celebrate together…

  • We saw the first international missionaries launched out of Norte Church.
  • Our Quito churches shifted how they do ministry in a pandemic with amazing fruit.
  • Increases in online attendance, prayer gatherings, and discipleship programs.
  • Our CMI friends rallied to raise $25K in a little over a month to help the Encuentro con Dios Church in Caracas, Venezuela, secure a new church facility after getting abruptly kicked out of their previous location.

And a few weeks ago, I shared CMI’s 3 priorities heading into 2021… 

  1. We will ‘pastor the pastors’ through the exhaustion of ministry during a pandemic because they told us, “CMI is the only one caring for our well-being through this crisis.”
  2. CMI will pull together our Latin American churches and North American church partners to pray, process, learn, and share solutions together about ministry in and beyond the pandemic.
  3. CMI will unveil and test a groundbreaking new financial model that has the power to transform how we resource Latin American churches in large cities going forward.

These huge steps of faith into 2021 are inspired by the Lord’s faithfulness in 2020 through our C I friends’ amazing partnership and support!

I wanted to steal these few seconds in the hustle and bustle of this season to tell you I am incredibly grateful for you. I’m glad we’re in this together for Jesus’ sake.

Let’s press forward with boldness into 2021. I am confident your prayers and support next year will impact many more lives across Latin America’s important cities!

In Christ,


Craig Murray
Executive Director
Church Ministries International