Pastor Care Initiative

Help care for those who care for thousands.

Victor Herrera leads a growing congregation in Quito, Ecuador that is ministering to one of the highest social levels of any evangelical church in the continent. The uniqueness of his church can lead to loneliness and the feeling that there is no one else who understands the challenges of such ministry.

That is why Victor believes so strongly in the CMI-sponsored pastors retreats. Through these times he is able to connect with other Encounter pastors and ministry leaders that not only understand his circumstances but can also offer ideas and experiences that can strengthen one another and their respective churches.

In Part 3 of a video series highlighting CMI’s Pastor Care Initiative, Victor shares how God used his fellow pastors to help guide him at a critical moment in the life of his church.

The value of these retreats is great. With two new retreats scheduled for the first quarter of 2016, your gift to sponsor a pastor’s participation can have significant impact on the fruitfulness of churches ministering at the strategic crossroads of Latin American cities.

Video Transcript

I am Victor Herrera, Lead Pastor of the Puembo Church in Quito, Ecuador.

Probably the highest challenge in these kinds of churches is you cannot find another church in similar situations. Most of the time you feel you are alone in the ministry. You have no pastors and friends and people around you and you feel probably nobody can understand how is your situation.

That’s why I think it’s a good idea to have friends, pastors and brothers like these kinds of brothers where you can open your heart, open your life and share with them your problems, your worries and your experience.

The last time I was in this group, last March, I came in one very difficult time in the church because we lost two pastors and one day later I was coming to Colombia–to Bogotá–for our time, for our meetings with this group of pastors.

And I was thinking seriously to cancel my flight and everything because I was very worried for the church.

But I was praying and talking with my wife and she told me that this is the perfect moment to go because probably your friends, your pastors in Bogotá can share with you some experience in their ministries in the past and probably you can have some very good ideas that will help you solve the situation of the church.

CMI is working very close to the churches; of course giving a lot of support for buildings and properties, but this kind of support is very important. I can say thank you to the Lord for the CMI ministry work to our churches in Latin America.