Help This Venezuelan Church Share the Gospel in the Capital City of Caracas Devastated by Crisis.

Encuentro con Dios Church
Caracas, Venezuela

What’s The Crisis in Caracas, Venezuela?

+ Inflation has skyrocketed 53 million percent (yes, that’s million!).
Compare that to a 5% increase in the U.S.
+ 4.6 million Venezuelans have fled the country.
That’s like Louisiana leaving the U.S.
+ Basic necessities like electricity, water, and medical supplies are scarce.
On most days, the electricity comes on for a few hours.

Meet Encuentro con Dios Church (“Encounter with God Church”) in Caracas, Venezuela…

CMI’s Encuentro Church Is Committed to Staying, Serving, and Sharing the Gospel in Caracas

In the face of dire circumstances, the 150 members of Encuentro Church are staying in Venezuela—sharing the hope of the gospel in the face of unprecedented challenges and needs.

But Encuentro Church Lost Their Building

+ Encuentro Church suddenly lost their rented facility in November, 2019.
Like a hospital without a building, this left them scrambling and adapting even before the pandemic hit.

+ Encuentro Church has found a new facility at a GREAT price.
The Lord led Encuentro Church to a great option in Caracas. It is reasonably priced, well-located, and with room for 300 people.

+ The total project cost is $115,000—beyond what the church can afford in the present financial crisis of their country.
At present, that price is an insurmountable goal for a church living amidst such crisis.

Encuentro Church has sacrificially raised $50,000!
They are so committed, they’ve made huge sacrifices to raise $50K.

+ Encuentro Church needs the final $25,000 asap.
One U.S. church partner has already committed $40,000.

CMI is asking for your help to raise the final $25,000.