From CMI’s Executive Director

Encuentro con Dios Church Congregation
Caracas, Venezuela

We’ve got incredible news! Two generous gifts just arrived that put us over the top for our goal of $25,000 for the Encuentro con Dios Church (Encounter with God Church) in Caracas, Venezuela.

If you missed the news about how Pastor Eduardo Mercon and the church suddenly lost their meeting space just prior to the pandemic, during the worst economic and social unrest the country has ever seen, you can read all about it here »

From the moment things began to unravel for Encuentro Church and they began praying, God has miraculously opened doors. They found a great property, raised money from their own pockets, and then there’s you!

You guys, our beloved CMI family, stepped up in a huge way. In faith, you donated the final $25,000 they needed. And you did it all in six weeks…during a pandemic!

From individual gifts, to church partners, God has graciously provided for His church through friends like you!

I’m thrilled to report, Encuentro Church has signed the contract and remodeling is already underway. I just got this note from Pastor Eduardo Mercon:

We continue to experience The Lord’s blessings. I was not expecting us to move into the remodeling phase so fast. But it’s happening quickly and might be ready in two months!

We can’t wait to see how God will use this miraculous provision and new church home to extend His light in Caracas in even greater ways! Thank you, CMI family!

 I’m sure you’re curious about their new remodel. Check out some architect renderings below.

Thank you for digging deep, being generous, and providing for our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. You’ve encouraged my heart to believe even more that Jesus will build his church!

So wherever you’re reading this, stop. Take a moment and celebrate the Lord’s goodness to his people!

In Christ,

Craig Murray
Executive Director •
Church Ministries International

Architect plans for Encuentro con Dios Church.