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The following information is provided to help you in planning your trip to Quito, Ecuador.

  • Weather

    Quito rests at an elevation just over 9,000 ft. above sea level. Temperatures range from low-50’s at night to mid-70’s during the day.

  • Clothing

    Attire will be casual. No shorts, please. You will need a sweater or light jacket. Business casual attire is recommended for some functions. Suits or sports jacket for men and a skirt or dress for ladies is recommended for Sunday services. Bring comfortable walking shoes. A small umbrella or waterproof jacket may be useful in case of rain.

  • Inoculations

    None required. However, your doctor may have recommendations. Tetanus is always wise.

  • Passports/Visa

    A visa is not needed, but a valid passport is required. Just a reminder, please keep your passport with you at all times.

  • Shopping

    Ecuador is known for its leather goods and silver. Our schedule will include opportunities to purchase goods at an artisan market.

  • Money

    You may choose to bring cash or Travelers checks for shopping. Credit cards can be used in most places. The currency in Ecuador is the U.S. dollar.

  • Camera Supplies

    If you plan to take pictures or video, we recommend packing ample supplies digital media. Such items are readily available in Quito, but cost more than in the U.S.

  • Baggage

    The TSA recommends using TSA-approved locks that permit them to inspect and re-lock your bags without breaking baggage locks. For your own protection and security we suggest you lock your suitcases during travel and when stored in your hotel room.

  • Valuables

    An in-room safe is available in the hotel to store any valuables not needed during daily excursions.

  • Voltage

    Electric current in Ecuador is 110 volts and utilizes a standard 2-prong plug.

  • Precautions

    DO NOT drink the tap water. Bottled water will be available in your room and elsewhere for drinking and brushing teeth.

  • Miscellaneous

    You may find the following items helpful:
    – Sunscreen & hat (the sun is particularly strong due to the elevation & location at the Equator)
    – Small Kleenex packets
    – Instant Hand Sanitizer
    – Pepto-Bismol tablets
    – Tylenol PM (due to Quito’s altitude some find it helpful for sleeping at night)

    If you have any further question or need additional information, please contact the CMI office at 972.941.4422 or email us at