From CMI’s Executive Director

Encuentro con Dios Church Pastor, Eduardo Mercon

Just wanted to share a quick update with you about the Encuentro con Dios Church (ECD) in Caracas.  

We are incredibly grateful for your help this summer that made it possible for them to secure a permanent home after they lost their rented facility late last year.  

On Sunday (Dec. 6) they held their first service in the new facility!  

Remodeling and COVID-19 precautions prevented them from meeting there sooner. And even the first gathering was limited to just 40 people due to COVID precautions.   

I spoke with Pastor Eduardo Mercon the other dayThey are grateful to be able to meet in their new home. However, they are waiting to hold the official “inaugural” service when the full church can gather and when all the remodeling is finished.

As the pictures below from the first service show, the building is still in pretty raw form. This belies the reality that they are actually about 80% of the way to completing the remodeling. 

They removed walls, rewired the entire electric system, installed water pump and a new roof, and trimmed huge trees that posed a risk to the structure if not tended. They are saving for the remaining $10,000 needed to complete the more visible remodeling components and plan to paint the facility soon. 

One pleasant surprise. When they removed a wall on the lower floor, they discovered an extra room that can hold 50 to 60 people. The previous owner told them a room existed behind the wall, but they had no idea it would be so big. (Unfortunately, it yielded no hidden treasures .) 

Current circumstances may not allow the church to utilize the new facility fully just yet, but this is a big milestone and we wanted to celebrate it with you who helped make it possible.   

Thanks for your continued prayers. We continue to trust that the new location will enable the ECD church to shine the light of the gospel even brighter in a city and nation desperately in need of the hope of Jesus Christ.  

In Christ,

Craig Murray
Executive Director •
Church Ministries International