Chicago Here We Come!

Last summer the youth of Fairhaven Church in Dayton, Ohio, traveled to Quito, Ecuador, to partner with the youth of Puembo Church to serve 120 kids in the impoverished community of Guayllabamba. This summer the Puembo Church youth have traveled to the US to partner once again with the Fairhaven kids, but this time in the city of Chicago!

The mission is currently taking place.  We’ll share daily prayer requests and comments through the eyes of a Fairhaven Youth Leader:

Day 1: July 20 – Sweet Home Chicago

We all made it to Chicago – our home away from home for the next week.  Excited to meet up with old friends, and make new ones.  It didn’t take long to create Team Quito 2019.

Our home base this week where we will serve is Family Empowerment Center (FEC) in Chicago.  Their mission is to glorify God and love their neighbors by caring for and empowering under-resourced families and children near their facility. And we’re excited to join them in letting their neighbors know they are nearby, and available to help!

Day 1 Prayers:

1. Open our eyes to the lost, not only in this neighborhood, but in our own.
2. For safety as we venture out into this big busy city.
3. For continued team building between Puembo and Fairhaven.

Day 2: July 21

Sunday morning we set up for a church service at FEC for those living nearby, and later were trained on how to be empowered by the Holy Spirit, as well as what we would be doing this week.  Tomorrow half the group will serve at FEC, and the other half will be out in the community.

Day 2 Prayers:

1. For our interactions with the community.
2. For the Holy Spirit to direct our steps, our words, and our hearts.
3. For the continued bonding of our two teams into one.

Day 3: July 22

Today we broke into teams and tasks included leading a VBS, beautifying the neighborhood by picking up trash and pulling weeds, deep cleaning the FEC, and handing out bottled water and Bibles to neighbors – to connect with them and let them know about the FEC and its services.

Later that evening we walked the neighborhood and prayed – for the lost – for individuals, for churches and schools, and for places of business.

Day 3 Prayers:

1. That students and leaders open themselves to the Holy Spirit’s promptings.
2. For the people we will interact with – that they will be open to God’s message.
3. For continued growing as a team. No serious issues yet, but as we go deeper and bolder in Christ, Satan is sure to attack.

Day 4: July 23

Today we  staffed a day camp, cleaned a boat, and attended a Hindu Christian service.

After dinner, though, was the most moving experience of the day.  The FEC leadership asked us all to take off our socks and shoes…then spend 30 minutes walking the neighborhood and praying. OUCH!  Very painful!

Upon our return, no washing of our feet was allowed!  We sat in a circle and noticed a tray, pitcher, and towel in the center.  The FEC Director told this story of Jesus washing His disciple’s feet.  He than had us wash each other’s feet…a very humbling experience!

Day 4 Prayers:

1. For God’s hedge of protection around us.
2. For all of us to carry our mission out in our own communities.
3. For whatever the Holy Spirit is leading YOU to pray for us today.