A Good Neighbor – One That’s Here To Stay. All In.

El Batán Church
Quito, Ecuador

El Batán Church, Quito, Ecuador

Photo of El Batán Church, one of six Encounter With God churches taking up residence in the city of Quito, Ecuador.

The whack of Gavin’s hammer across the street can often be heard as I head to work. When I pull back into my driveway in the evening, I’m never surprised to see a palette of drywall stacked in his.

Just down the street, Steve is doing the same thing at his house. They’ve both undertaken the challenge of remodeling.

Some days I’ll make the rounds and check on Gavin and Steve’s progress. It’s like having two episodes of Fixer Upper on at the same time. I’ll chat with both guys and always pick up a useful tip or two. On the walk back to my house, I fight off the inevitable envy.

But Gavin and Steve are different. (And I’m not referring to their personality or design choices.) While I enjoy getting to know both, Steve is my neighbor.
That’s because Gavin and his wife flip houses as their business. But Steve and his family are remodeling their home. They are residents. Here to stay. All in.

The difference between Gavin and Steve is a picture of what your support means to some of the most influential cities in Latin America. Your support helps plant and establish churches in key urban centers. Each of these churches include welcoming facilities in strategic locations.

It’s easy to mistake these as “big buildings” on busy corners. But they are much more to the thousands of people who call these cities home. These buildings send a message…We are your neighbors. Here to stay. All in.

This is the message of the gospel. In Christ, God became our neighbor. He is Immanuel. God with us. He is the Word made flesh. To tabernacle, or dwell among us.

Thanks to friends like you there are now dozens of Encounter churches “dwelling” in the heart of cities throughout Latin America. And with your help, we are planting more in the future. Each new Encounter church will be home, a neighbor, “all in.” And each new Encounter church will add to the thousands of Christ-followers already sharing Jesus with millions of their neighbors.

Craig Murray
Executive Director
Church Ministries International

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