From CMI’s Executive Director…

These are unusual times. You’ve felt it on every front. From church gatherings to birthday parties with extended family, you’ve had to adjust. Indeed, we’re in uncharted territory.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an experienced guide as you face the choppy seas and empty horizon? I sure would.

All around the globe nations, businesses, churches, and families are faced with navigating the pandemic.

And it just so happens, many in the CMI family have walked through trials like this one with far more frequency than many of us in the U.S.

Jesus has placed us in a family where our brothers and sisters in places like Latin American can help. They are far more familiar with navigating the frightful path of scarcity, instability, and disruption.

That’s why I hopped on a Zoom call last month with several pastors from CMI’s network of churches in Quito, Ecuador. I was humbled by the insights from men who have led their churches through city-wide shutdowns, violent protests, economic catastrophes, presidential coups, earthquakes, and even volcanic eruptions. They know about leading in crisis.

They understand what it takes to be agile, adaptable, and dependent on the Holy Spirit. We’re far more accustomed to relying on our resources, our structures, and our ingenuity.

As I listened, I was encouraged by their wisdom that comes from experience depending on the Lord through such times.

While they grieve our shared hardship, they are also filled with hope. They know hardship tills the soil that often leads to a bountiful gospel harvest. They focus less on what has been lost and more on the opportunities gained for Christ.

Yes, trials may detour us from our familiar paths. But our friends in Latin America remind us, God can use such times to lead us to places far better than we can imagine.

Craig Murray
Executive Director
Church Ministries International