Meeting the Challenge

To meet the challenges of the modern urban mission field of the 21st Century, the local church must have a solid, comprehensive, and inclusive plan for church growth. The Encounter with God Model meets this need.

Tested and found effective in Lima, Peru and other Latin American cities, the Encounter Model is a proven method designed to meet the challenge of modern missions.

By focusing primarily on the capital city we are reaching the heart of each nation. The increasing concentration of people in the capital city makes it possible to have dramatic impact on the entire nation by impacting one city.

By focusing on reaching urban professionals, the Encounter Model effectively reaches those with the resources and leadership to maintain and reproduce the church in the future. As a result, a strong national church is established that is far more capable of reaching the rest of the nation.

By concentrating financial resources and personnel on the capital cities and among urban professionals, we strategically invest resources in ways that produce ongoing returns.

CMI’s V.E.C.T.O.R.

Church Ministries International is driven by the vision to see the effective results of the Encounter with God Movement duplicated around the world. We are convinced that Encounter with God is a solid strategy for fulfilling the Great Commission given the new paradigms of modern missions.

CMI equips local churches to effectively implement the Encounter with God Model. We do so by providing VECTOR:

Organizational Structure

By doing so, we help develop churches uniquely equipped to take the gospel to all people, including people of influence in business, education, government, and culture. These people have been largely marginalized from the gospel in much of Latin America.

This assistance is not ongoing, but is an investment with expected returns. By investing strategically we help create self-sustained, strong, vibrant, reproducing churches.