From CMI’s Executive Director

I pray you are experiencing the Lord’s care and strength in these challenging times.  

As God’s people, we lament suffering while pursuing the living hope promised in Christ. 

The pandemic has taken its toll in Latin America. Ecuador, in particular, is suffering under the weight of COVID-19 cases. They currently register the highest number of infections per capita in Latin America.

The tight restrictions imposed in Ecuador are stretching their already scarce economic margins. This leads to stress, fear, isolation, and anxiety socially. 

But through it all, God is working in remarkable ways.

República Church

I recently spoke with Pastor Luis Solis of the República Church in Quito, part of the CMI network of churches in Quito. 

They and our other partner churches have pivoted to online ministries. As a beacon of light in dark circumstances, they are reaching more people than ever before.  

In one week, República had 10,000 people connect with their online ministries10 times their weekly Sunday attendance.

República Church Online

República Church Kids Ministry Streaming online

And the online children’s ministry had nearly 1,000 children connect in the first week! 

Even crazier, those numbers only reflect the number of devices connected. More than one person gathers around many of those 10,000+ devices. 

Fishes and Loaves…

Because of the generosity of our CMI friends, we bought annual Zoom subscriptions for each of our Quito churches. Like two fish and five loaves, Jesus is multiplying a few subscriptions into gospel ministry shared with thousands of hurting, open people sheltered in place across Quito. 

Puembo Church

Puembo Church, another CMI network church in Quito, saw a recent prayer group of mom’s jump from the usual 15–20 moms to Zoom’s 100-limit capacity. 

They quickly pushed a live feed of the prayer group over to YouTube. Soon, another 50 ladies watched the live feed there, even though they couldn’t actively participate 

Ministry of Hope

So yes, we lament. Yes, we grieve. Our hearts are meant to ache in a broken world, longing for the world that is to come. But we also hold fast to a living hope. We serve a Risen King. And He is opening hearts and minds in unprecedented ways. Out of the darkness, He brings light. 

Best of all, He’s using our CMI friends to engage in this ministry of hope. Their prayers and support helped establish República and Puembo church. They are a part of this network of Latin American urban churches, over a 100 strong, strategically positioned and resourced for such a time as this. 

To all of you that are part of the CMI family through your prayers and support – THANK YOU! If you are not yet part of the CMI team, but want to learn more, sign up here. 

In Christ,

Craig Murray
Executive Director •
Church Ministries International