Puembo Church in Quito Shines Light of the Gospel Through Its Ministry to Children with Brittle Bone Disease

Children with Osteogenesis Imperfecta pose for picture outside the Puembo Church after a day of special care and activities aimed and ministering to the children and their families.

They are called “Niños de Cristal” or “Children of Glass.” They are people afflicted with a condition known as osteogenesis imperfecta (OI) a congenital brittle bone disorder that effects only 1 in every 20,000 children.

Despite the rarity of the condition, one of the members of the Puembo Church in Quito, Ecuador suffers from the condition and her own struggles have opened the eyes of the church to the needs of other OI sufferers and their families. A sad reality is that most Ecuadorians with OI come from families that lack the resources to provide the medicines and professional medical care crucial to their health and survival.

In view of such needs, Puembo recently hosted a special event for 70 Niños de Cristal. They partnered with an OI-focused nonprofit led by another church member and secured help from a nearby hospital to provide medicinces, pediatricians, therapists and nurses to care for OI patients that rarely receive help.

I love news like this because it illustrates one of the greatest blessings of developing strong, dynamic churches. Many people I talk to are deeply concerned for the physical and social needs they know exist in places like Ecuador. In view of such needs, they often wonder why CMI devotes its energies to developing churches among urban professionals.

The reason is simple. Throughout history it is the Church that cared for the sick, fed the hungry, sheltered the homeless and comforted the orphan and widow. Churches built hospitals, established schools and stood at the frontlines of justice movements. And while we need parachurch ministries focused on these concerns, we strongly believe that long-term hope depends on churches committed to the gospel, seasoned with leadership and possessing resources to provide locally sustainable solutions.

Stories like this mulitiply our thankfulness for friends like you. Your prayers and support help us raise up churches like Puembo — churches proclaiming the gospel in word AND in deed. Once again God multiplies our small gifts to impact communities, cities and nations for His glory!

In Christ,