Shining the hope of the gospel

Catalytic Partnerships: Lunch with CMI teammates and colleagues from three partner churches at the 2015 MissioNexus Conference in Orlando, Florida.

In the final days leading up to the opening of the new 900-seat worship center for the Cumbaya Church in Quito, Ecuador, a friend shared this photo with me via Facebook.

The illuminated cross is on the front of the new building and rises more than two stories high.

Located on a mountainside, this cross and the Church are visible above a valley that is the fastest growing sector of the city. Literally hundreds of thousands of people will be able to see this cross in the night sky.

It is our prayer that this cross will draw many to the church. Of course, we know that even more powerful than this is the testimony of the light of Christ in the lives of the church’s people.

That is this church’s heart. As one church leader said to me, “In our temporary sanctuary we met in double services in a space for 320 people. In the new building there is room for 900. In double services that is 1,200 more people that will be able to experience the blessing that I have known in this church.”

Please pray with us that multiplied thousands for generations to come will know the light of Christ through the testimony of this church. Thank you for helping us ignite, unite and equip key urban churches like Cumbaya to be catalysts for discipling their nations.