Global Impact of Developing Encounter Churches

Bridging North and South: Youth from two Quito Encounter Churches serve alongside youth from the Fairhaven Church in Dayton, Ohio on a short-term missions outreach into inner city Dayton.

We are grateful for your prayers knowing the influence they have in developing dynamic, gospel-centered churches in Latin America. Such churches have great impact not only in their cities, but around the world.

This global impact was evident the last two summers through a youth missions exchange between a CMI partner church in Ohio and two Encounter churches in Quito. In 2014, the Fairhaven Church in Dayton sent a large team of youth to Quito on a summer missions trip. Their ministry was not aimed at the youth in the Quito churches, but rather they ministered alongside them in outreaches initiated and led by the Quito churches.

This summer, the roles reversed. Fairhaven served as hosts and a team of young people from the Norte and Puembo churches conducted a summer missions trip to Ohio. They partnered with the Fairhaven youth in an outreach into a lower income community in Dayton. The photos above are just a few from their week of ministry. In the process of serving together, churches from two continents enlarged their vision for the beauty and diversity of God’s gifts to His Church and gained a greater understanding of our missionary calling in Christ.

We often think of churches in North America as “senders” and churches like those in Latin America as the “mission field.” However, such a view is not only unbiblical, it can rob us of experiencing the multitude of gifts that the Holy Spirit gives to the Global Church.

One of the unique opportunities of developing churches reaching Latin urban professionals is the ability to foster more naturally the kinds of partnerships that are truly mutual. Each church is a sender and a receiver. Such partnerships are powerful expressions of the Kingdom of God where there is no hierarchy of sender and mission field — just one family under Christ.

Thank you for your partnership with us to raise up dynamic churches like Norte and Puembo. They not only have sizable impact in their city, but are also increasingly equipped to minister beyond their borders and even back to us.

In Christ,