Norte Church Growing Through Sharing the Gospel

Norte Senior Pastor Javier Silva prays with couple responding to the gospel invitation.

“What does your church do to share the gospel?” The question was directed to Cecilia Silva of Quito’s Norte Church by a participant on a recent CMI Discover Quito Vision Tour.

A smile grew on Cecilia’s face and she shared how church members go out to the surrounding community each month. They visit Quito’s main cancer hospital around the corner. They talk to people at the nearby U.S. Embassy. They connect with neighbors and the youth meet students at the many private schools nearby.

“We don’t share the gospel with them at that time,” she said. “We just introduce ourselves and invite them to visit the church. Many come, hear the gospel and respond. Right now we have between 10-15 people placing their faith in Christ every Sunday.”

That’s 40-60 every month! In fact, the numbers are so consistent and sizable that each Sunday Norte sets up a tent outside the worship services to counsel each new believer, immediately connecting them to one of two paths for discipleship — a church cell group or the church’s three year Bible Academy.

As a result, the church’s growth is substantial. Since launching three years ago, Norte has grown from 250 to more than 1,000. Last fall, CMI was blessed to help Norte purchase their first permanent property and facilities. Since moving into this new location in November, the church has grown by nearly 300!

The path to transforming nations for Christ begins with the hope of the gospel taking root in individual hearts. But it doesn’t end there — discipleship is essential. And that is why CMI believes so strongly in building up multiplying churches in the strategic urban centers of Latin America. Church planting is the most effective form of evangelism in the world and the local church is essential to discipling new believers to full maturity in faith. When those things happen, lasting change and significant social impact follows as these disciples live that faith in their homes, neighborhoods and careers.

Thank you for your prayers and financial support that help CMI raise up churches like Norte. Together we are catalysts to IGNITE, UNITE and EQUIP urban churches like Norte to be agents of gospel-transformation to thousands each year!

In Christ,