With the Lord’s help CMI’s Small Band Is Making Big Impact

Catalytic Partnerships: Lunch with CMI teammates and colleagues from three partner churches at the 2015 MissioNexus Conference in Orlando, Florida.

My colleague Ricardo Diaz (far right in the photo) is fond of calling our team a “small band.” On occasions where we are inclined to lament our limitations in view of sizable ministry needs and opportunities, Ricardo often reminds us to consider the “big” outcomes God achieves through this “small band.”

At a recent national gathering of missions leaders, I was reminded again of how God extends our impact far beyond our realization or expectations.

In one workshop, I heard a missions professor from a major evangelical seminary recount the story of Lima to an Encounter with God — a movement we were instrumental in forming. The workshop was geared to churches sending short-term missions teams. After detailing several bad examples and practices, he shared the model of international partnerships he witnessed in Lima — an experience that transformed his perception of the value of short-term missions.

In another workshop, a leader in partnerships between mission agencies and mission-minded churches highlighted CMI’s partnership with two churches in Ohio as an excellent model for others to emulate.

On several occasions, I heard missions leaders discuss the imperative of reaching the world’s great cities for the gospel, but uncertain how to do so and wrestling with the challenges of reshaping their organizations and ministry models in this age of hyper-urbanization. With 40 years of experience developing urban churches in Latin America, might the Lord have a place for our small band to speak into the larger missions community at this pivotal time?

In all of this, I resonate more with the heart of the Apostle Paul who joyfully boasted in his weaknesses, so that the power of Christ would be more evident in him. Time and again God amazes us with what He accomplishes as we simply seek to remain available and faithful. For this reason we are grateful for friends like you that through your faithful prayers and support are equally part of this “small band” that God, by his grace, uses to be catalysts to disciple nations. Thank you!

In Christ,