From CMI’s Executive Director

How I wish that today you would know what would bring you peace! Jesus

Luke 19:42

Today we mark Good Friday. For most of us, the normal rhythms of Holy Week have been disrupted by the current pandemic.

For our family, this past Palm Sunday was not celebrated waving palm branches and singing, “Hosanna.” Rather it was subdued and quiet. Just Laura and our kids gathered around my computer screen streaming our church’s worship service.

This weekend when we celebrate the Resurrection, we find ourselves doing so amidst the stark reality of death.

The hurts and brokenness of our world are magnified in this moment. Consequently, we feel more keenly than ever the sorrows of that original Good Friday.

And yet that very sorrow also magnifies the beauty and hope we have in Christ’s Resurrection.

God’s Son absorbed the pandemic of sin on that Good Friday 2,000 years ago. He died in our place. But it wasn’t the end. He was raised to new imperishable life. More than that, he offers this life and hope to all who would receive him. That is the greatness of the gospel message we have to share.

This weekend, the Church in North America, South America, Asia, Europe, Africa, and Australia will celebrate this Good News scattered, but in some ways more connected than ever.

And almost certainly, there will be millions joining in these virtual worship gatherings in search of the answers and hope that only Christ can provide.

So, on this Good Friday, would you join me in prayer for the millions who will hear, and perhaps for the first time truly understand the gospel message?

Already our partner churches in Latin America are seeing huge increases in the number of people connecting with them in this time of crisis. And this weekend presents an incredible opportunity for many of these new connections to give their lives to Christ.

This is a time filled with Good Friday type sorrows. May this Sunday be marked by new life for multiplied millions.

In Christ,

Craig Murray
Executive Director •
Church Ministries International

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