Caring for Those that Care for Thousands

For more than forty years, God has given CMI the great privilege of helping raise up some of the most strategic, visible and influential evangelical churches in Latin America. But the physical structures of these churches are only as valuable as the health of the congregations that inhabit them and the primary catalyst for a healthy church is a spiritually healthy pastor.

In a new video series, CMI shares how sponsoring special retreats for senior pastors contributes the healthy multiplication of churches through the Encounter with God Movement.

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Part 1: Healthy Pastors / Healthy Churches

The catalyst to healthy churches is a spiritually healthy pastor. In part 1 of a series highlighting CMI’s ministry to strengthen and encourage pastoral couples on the frontline of ministry, Ricardo Diaz shares about the unique challenges of pastoral ministry in the urban context and how CMI is creating a space for pastors to refresh their vision, revitalize their spirit and link with ministry peers that share a common mission of seeing Latin America experience an Encounter with God.

Part 2: Shepherding Horses

In Part 2 of a video series highlighting CMI’s Pastor Care Initiative, Howard shares his perspective on the importance of CMI’s efforts to equip pastors through international co-mentoring relationships and the impact that this has on Encounter pastors that face the daily challenge of “shepherding horses.”

Part 3: Brothers in Ministry

In Part 3 of a video series highlighting CMI’s Pastor Care Initiative, Victor Herrera – Lead Pastor of the Puembo Church in Quito, Ecuador – shares how the regular gatherings with other Encounter pastors helps him lead his church more effectively.

Part 4: A Haven

In Part 4 of a video series highlighting CMI’s Pastor Care Initiative, Eduardo Mercon – Lead Pastor of an Encounter with God Church in Caracas, Venezuela – describes how CMI’s Pastors Retreats are a haven for companionship and openness, countering the isolation that he and other pastors often feel.