Location: Valle de los Chillos (suburb of Quito)
Founded: 2003
Encounter Start: 2003
Attendance: 600


– Third daughter church of El Batán Church
– Located in a rapidly growing suburb of Quito that is home to many military officers
– Church grew from 80 to more than 400 in first 3 years

Present Facilities

– Converted house provides office and classroom space
– Temporary worship center capable of seating 300 people


The Valle de Los Chillos Church is located in an eastern sector of the city that in recent years has become a major area of urban growth for Quito. The region was formerly used by the Ecuadorian military and is still home to many military officers and their families.

The Chillos Church formed out of a small group from El Batán. The growth of this group and its distance from El Batán prompted the mother church to plant the Chillos Church in 2003.

El Batán’s financial support for the Chillos Church plant is virtually without precedent for a Latin American church. In addition to providing the initial pastoral staff, El Batán gave more than $240,000 to the church in order to purchase the initial property and converted house that serves as the current church facilities.

The Chillos Church grew from 80 people to more than 400 in its first 3 years. The rapid growth quickly outpaced the available space for worship services, prompting the church to construct a larger temporary worship center capable of seating 300 people.

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