Location: Cumbayá, Ecuador (suburb of Quito)
Founded: 1999
Encounter Start: 1999
Attendance: 800


– Second daughter church of El Batán
– Located in a highly influential suburb of Quito that is home to many professionals
– Family focused ministry reaching many young families

Present Facilities

– 300 seat multi-purpose auditorium
– Offices and Christian Education building in final stages of construction
– Highly visible, strategically located property


The Cumbayá Church, located in an eastern suburb of Quito, is the second daughter church of El Batán and represents a crucial project for the advancement of God’s Church in Quito.

Home to some of the most influential people in Ecuador, Cumbayá is a rapidly growing community of approximately 250,000 people. Young families, business professionals and university students make up a large percentage of its people. The community is home to one of the most prestigious universities in Ecuador—just blocks from the Cumbayá Church.

The community of Cumbayá lies in a valley that will eventually be home to the new Quito International Airport. Plans are underway to construct a new major highway connecting Quito to the new airport. The future location of the church sits on a mountainside visible to the entire valley and just off the main thoroughfare through Cumbayá.

Despite its influential nature and its burgeoning population, prior to the planting of the Cumbayá Church in October 1999 there was virtually no evangelical presence in the suburb of Cumbayá.

It is a community filled with people searching for answers. For many, however, this search has led them to embrace alternative religions and cults. New Age philosophies, in particular, draw an increasing number of followers.

But this same spiritual hunger is producing a great opportunity for the gospel.

Since its birth in October 1999 the Cumbayá Church has more than quintupled in size! Early growth so exceeded expectations that the church was forced to move worship services into the parking garage below an office building until a permanent church facility could be constructed.

A significant factor in the rapid growth is the church’s family-focused ministry. Under the theme of “Families Strong in Christ,” the Cumbayá Church’s ministry is striking a chord in a community filled with a large population of young families that have discovered that material prosperity doesn’t fill the void of spiritual emptiness.

The rapid growth has so exceeded early expectations that the church has had its own vision expanded by the Lord.

“When we first started planning our church,” says Senior Pastor Jorge Giacometti, “we hoped to build a church for 500 people. But as we’ve seen the Lord bless our work, and as we’ve seen our congregation grow faster than we imagined, we feel that our vision was not large enough for what God intends to do.”

With help from CMI, the Cumbayá Church purchased property in a highly visible location just steps from the commercial center of the community. In 2010, the church completed a 300-seat multi-purpose auditorium that is already filled in double Sunday services.

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