Location: Puembo, Ecuador (a suburb of Quito)
Founded: 2010
Encounter Start: 2010
Attendance: 180


– Fourth daughter church of El Batán
– Located in a growing area of Qutio near the city’s new international airport
– Church is the first to be planted through the cooperative effort of multiple churches

Present Facilities

– 3 acres of property and two existing buildings remodeled for church usage
– One building serves as temporary worship center seating 180
– Second building is utilized for offices, classrooms and nursery


The Puembo Church launched in October 2010. This new congregation represents a significant milestone in the Encounter with God Movement. It is the first Encounter congregation in Quito to be planted through the cooperative efforts of multiple churches.

The El Batán Church provided the pastoral team, the majority of the founding members and a sizeable portion of the startup resources for the purchase of property and initial facilities. However, the founding members from Batán were supplemented by a handful of people sent out from the República Church.

In addition, both the República and Cumbayá churches devoted special Sundays to the church planting team prior to the start of Puembo—even collecting special offerings to contribute financially to the renovation of facilities.

This type of cooperation exemplifies the powerful impact that Encounter with God can have in bringing multiple churches together toward a shared vision of church reproduction. Such cooperation is essential to establishing a self-sustaining church planting movement capable of reaching a major city.

Located on the outskirts of Quito, Puembo is very near Quito’s most prestigious country club and the new international airport scheduled to open in late 2011. Largely due to the new airport, officials project that the surrounding community will grow to 500,000 people by 2025.

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