República ChurchProfile

Location: Quito, Ecuador
Founded: 1994
Encounter Start: 1994
Attendance: 1,800


– First daughter church of El Batán
– 500 adults enrolled in discipleship program
– Cell groups provide focal point for evangelism, prayer and pastoral care

Present Facilities

– Most strategically visible evangelical church in Quito
– 1,400 seat worship center
– 5-story Christian Education building


Since 1994 La República has grown from a congregation of 150 to nearly 1,800. This growth is impressive especially considering that for most of that time the church met in a provisional sanctuary and a partially completed Christian Education building.

La República is the most strategically visible evangelical church in Quito. Located at the intersection of two major thoroughfares and along the public mass transit line, the church’s strategic location provides it with increased evangelistic opportunity through its visibility and ease of access.

The República Church pioneered the implementation of a strong cell group style of ministry as part of its Encounter with God focus. These cell groups serve as focal points for evangelistic efforts, prayer and pastoral care.

It was through one of República’s cell groups that one of Ecuador’s leading generals came to know the Lord. Prior to his coming to Christ, the general was one of three men who briefly led the country following the ousting of Ecuador’s president in January 2000.

Discipleship is a focus of República Church as well. Those who come to Christ are strengthened in their faith through a four level discipleship program developed by the church. The program begins with basic truths of the faith and continues through the development and training of cell group leaders.

With help from Church Ministries International, República completed a 1,400-seat sanctuary in 2007 and a 5-story Christian Education building in 2008. The new Christian Education building is in use every day of the week teaching and training 500 adults, 300 youth and 250 children.

These new facilities will enable República to capitalize even more on the momentum already underway and provide for increased evangelistic outreach as a result of its expanded visibility and capacity.

República is growing closer to matching its mother church in weekly attendance. More significantly, with its own facilities now complete, República anticipates planting its first daughter church in 2011.

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