The Impact of Your Partnership

craig-murrayOne question that naturally comes when we support any organization is what impact does my support make? Let me tell you, for CMI it is more than we can adequately describe.

From my most recent trip to Quito alone I can tell you stories of 8 people that placed their faith in Christ at just one service of 325 people at the Cumbayá Church. Or I could share about the 32 to that trusted Christ that same Sunday in one service at the República Church. I could mention the continuing growth of the Norte Church (now approaching 600 people in attendance after just 1 year of ministry) or the more than 6,000 now in attendance in the six Encounter Churches throughout the city. I could talk about the vibrant discipleship ministry of the Chillos Church, the evangelistic impact of the Puembo Church’s marriage retreat ministry, or the top-notch small group/bible study resources the Batán Church is developing that intersect with a five year plan to preach through the entire Bible.

If you had been with me you would have heard the stories of business leaders ignited by the gospel to provide livable wages for their employees or launch ministries aimed at expanding church multiplication efforts through local resources. You would have heard from Christian architects and builders creatively dreaming of how they could use their talents and resources to accelerate the development of churches.

And if you traveled to Lima in March with others on our team you would have joined 3,000 leaders from throughout Latin America for the annual “Leaders Encounter” Conference at the Lince Church (the founding church of the Encounter Movement). You would have seen the ongoing fruit of this 40-year gospel movement that has produced 63 churches in Lima and sparked more than 658,000 decisions for Christ in Peru alone.

We could easily boast in such outcomes if it were because of us. Instead, we boast in Jesus Christ––by whom, through whom and for whom all of this is accomplished. Just as He once did with five loaves and two fish, so today He takes our limited offerings and multiplies them beyond what we could ever imagine.

So, thank you. Thank you for the “loaves and fish” of prayers and support you entrust into His hands through CMI. It is our great blessing to partner with you. Together we are equipping dynamic urban churches to disciple their nations.