República Church

Multiplying Ministry

República ChurchCharts and graphs are typically not all that exciting. But they are when they reveal God at work! Such is the case at the República Church in Quito, Ecuador.

This week CMI received some interesting statistical information from República. The information is significant because it reflects the results since we fulfilled our role in helping the church complete its facilities with a 1,400-seat worship center and a 5-story Christian Education building.

Here is a short summary:

Three Year Outcomes of the República Church







Avg. Attendance 1,155 1,224 1,358 1,742 Not Applicable
Conversions 367 672 901 252 2,192
Baptisms 138 79 205 65 487

Statistics can’t tell the individual stories, but behind each one of these numbers is a person whose life is being transformed by Jesus Christ.

Moreover, República is committed to giving 20% of its future income to planting new churches beginning with their first daughter church that, with the Lord’s help, will launch later this year or in early 2012.

Imagine the impact when we fulfill our Quito Initiative vision of 20 churches like República throughout the city!  Five churches are already birthed – two are completed, three are in various stages of development and the aforementioned daughter church of República is in development.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support. As this one church reflects, God is doing great things through our partnership together. Thousands are being impacted with the gospel and together we are laying a foundation for discipling nations for Jesus Christ!


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