Pastor Care Initiative

Help care for those who care for thousands.

A catalyst to healthy churches is a spiritually healthy pastor. Ricardo Diaz shares Part 1 of a series highlighting CMI’s ministry to strengthen and encourage pastoral couples on the frontline of ministry.

Through simple, cost-effective gatherings, CMI is creating the space for pastors and their spouses to step out of the day-to-day grind of pastoral ministry

  • Refresh their vision
  • Revitalize their spirits
  • Link with ministry peers that share a common mission to see Latin America experience an Encounter with God.

You can be a part of this valuable ministry through your prayers and financial support. Please consider a gift to help sponsor pastoral couples to one of two special pastors retreats planned for the first quarter of 2016.

Your gift will have catalytic impact in ministering to the spiritual leaders that shepherd thousands of people in Encounter churches throughout the continent.

Video Transcript

I am quite grateful to the Lord for the opportunity to serve with Church Ministries International. I believe what we have been doing for years in Latin America is great trying to provide resources for physical elements, buy properties and building sanctuaries, is amazing and I am quite grateful.

But I have realized also that much more important than the buildings are the leaders, the pastors. Being a pastor myself, I know what it means to face the challenge of ministry.

We face all the challenges that people in the urban setting are facing at this time; the speed of life, the loneliness, and probably the most difficult thing is that being a pastor, you are supposed to be the “holy one”, the “perfect one”, not to have any of these problems. And then, without realizing, you start to live to some extent a kind of “double life” — being in front of the people, that “perfect one”, but inside struggling with that kind of challenge.

A phrase that I have used through the years is “a healthy pastor, a healthy church.”

The Lord put in my heart and the heart of other pastors to develop this vision of the Pastor’s Circle — a place where you can have privacy, friendship, spiritual — or even more than spiritual — all kind of refreshment. And I was quite concerned at the beginning how pastors would react with their very busy agendas and trying to find time to come for two days of that kind, but I’m extremely grateful.

At this moment I feel excited in my heart as I realize the impact of these times in the life of the pastors. Out of these times together, we have been able to talk also about ministry, about opportunities, about coming together to share strategies and resources, even to talk about being able to create a new culture of ministry and evangelization. So I think this kind of new vision, if we can talk in that direction, is a kind of perfect complement in our desire to see churches growing in Latin America in effecting the continent with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.