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Vision 50
Let's continue reaching cities for Christ for another 50 years!
You long to make a difference in the world
You take seriously the call on every Christian to disciple nations for Jesus. You want to support and serve in meaningful ways that bear fruit and change lives. But seeing nations discipled for Christ does not happen overnight. It is a work over multiple generations.

So how can you have confidence that you are stewarding well your particular Great Commission role?
In an era of constant change, how can you be sure that what you are doing today really can lead to cities and nations transformed for Christ?

At CMI, we understand because these are our great concerns as well.

We understand the desire to have a Kingdom impact that extends beyond our lifetime. We understand the concern to be strategic in investing Kingdom resources. We understand the passion to bless people not only now, but for generations to come.

We believe the key to lasting influence is a movement of gospel-centered, multiplying churches in key cities working together to influence entire nations.

Since 1973, CMI has helped global ministry partners see more than 1,000,000 people come to faith, seen tens of thousands discipled to greater maturity in Christ, and engaged in planting over 100 influential churches in some of Latin America's largest and most strategic cities.

We do this in three ways: 1) by identifying the most strategic needs for extending the movement; 2) by mobilizing support and connecting each opportunity with clear goals; and 3) and by networking believers with a passion for the Great Commission to work together more effectively.

A Vision to Launch the Next 50 Years
God has blessed our efforts in ways greater than we ever imagined. But as we approach our 50th year of ministry, we know we are just getting started.

Currently more than 80% of Latin Americans live in cities. By 2050, that number is expected to reach 90%. Latin cities are growing faster than churches are being multiplied. Given the significant influence that cities project on their nations, it is all the more imperative that we accelerate the multiplication of dynamic, gospel-centered churches.
Latin believers face several hurdles...
  1. They lack enough leadership equipped to minister in the urban professional context.
  2. They lack coaches and tools to help them maximize the health of their churches.
  3. They lack the seed resources critical to developing churches in key urban sectors.
  4. They lack opportunities to collaborate with like-minded ministry leaders in similar contexts.
  5. They lack mutually beneficial church partnerships to enhance and expand their global impact.

God has uniquely positioned CMI to help.
CMI's years of experience and network of key partners are ready to help Latin churches meet this challenge. To that end, and in anticipation of our 50th year of ministry, CMI launched its VISION50.

The goals of VISION50 are two-fold:

  1. To complete the resourcing for a network of ten core churches in the city of Quito, Ecuador. These churches are greenhouses to fuel a locally-led, locally-resourced church planting movement for generations to come;
  2. To leverage this network and our expanded ministry platform to launch the next major church planting initiative in another key capital city..
What will it take?
We project that this can be done with an investment of $6.0 million (US) by 2024. The following graphics reflect how these resources will be used and our current progress toward our goal.