Why Urban Professionals

Reaching 51 Million Latin American professionals to reach the city.

Like New York, Chicago, or Dallas...

There are 51 million urban professionals in the Latin cities that are the focus of Church Ministries International (CMI).

Reaching Latin American Professionals Requires…

Most Latin American cities lack gospel-proclaiming churches with all three.
3 Cultural Advantages
of Urban Professionals in Latin America
Professionals have the financial resources to sustain and multiply local churches in urban contexts.
Professionals often possess the education and leadership experience to accelerate growth.
Culturally, professionals can relationally influence up and down the socio-economic spectrum.
Invest in People, Projects, and Progress
Since 1973, God has done amazing things through CMI and supporters like you
More than a million lives have already changed. Your support helps restore marriages, save families, change generations, multiply urban churches, and transform cities with the gospel.
Your partnership helps find, fund, and build inviting church ministry centers in the heart of the city. To date, these properties have increased in value by more than 400%.
Almost 5 decades in, 10 Latin American countries, and 100 churches strong, this movement has a proven past and trustworthy leadership. But the Lord’s not done. There is a God-sized dream to reach more urban centers.

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