How Your Partnership Brings the Heart of Jesus to the Heart of Latin America's Big Cities.

A Proven Strategy

Since the first missionary journeys of the Apostles, the city has been integral to reaching nations for Christ.

CMI has continued that vision by reaching strategic Latin American cities since 1973.
Latin capital cities are home to 20-50% of their country's population and are centers of cultural, academic, social, political, & media influence.
Transform cities to transform the nation
Latin urban professionals are a pivotal group uniquely positioned to share Christ's love with people in every sector of society.
Reach the 51M
professionals in the city
The Church displays and declares the gospel, reproduces, and partners together to impact the city.
Plant gospel churches in the city
More than 100 churches planted in Latin American urban centers.
1,000,000+ Latin Americans have trusted in Christ since 1973.
10 Latin American capital cities impacted and counting.
100+ Churches Planted
More Than 1M Reached
10 Major Cities Impacted
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Here’s the fruit of partnering together…
Through friends like you, God has done amazing things in some of Latin America's most influential and strategic cities.

Ready to change lives in Latin America’s key cities?

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