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Invest in an innovative, sustainable funding initiative
By 2023, fully resource a church planting network of 10 large churches in Quito, Ecuador, & launch a new movement in the next strategic city.
Celebrating 50 years of ministry
The Challenges Ahead
Preparing for the next 50 years of ministry requires grace and wisdom. Here are the primary challenges ahead.
  • Funding
    Planting churches in strategic urban locations is hugely impactful, but cost intensive.
  • Unity Amidst Growing Diversity
    Large cities are impossible to reach alone. Churches and leaders must unite.
  • Leadership Development
    A pipeline of skilled, servant-hearted leaders is critical to expansion.
  • Pioneering New Cities
    Expanding work into new cities requires infrastructure and multi-year planning.
  • Rapid Urbanization
    The rapid migration to cities in Latin America outpaces the number of new churches.
  • Changing Donor Demographics
    Connecting the next generation of donors to meaningful impact requires vision.
These challenges and more are why CMI created VISION50.

What Is Vision50

CMI celebrates 50 years of ministry in 2023.
VISION50 sets the stage for the next 50 years.
  • Create a sustainable Seed Fund to fuel the movement
    An innovative financial model creates a sustainable resource pool under direction of local leadership.
  • Build enduring church partnerships
    Strategic partnerships, shared ideas, networking, and deep unity between churches in Latin America and North America strengthen and expand impact in multiple cities.
  • Invest in forming strong pastors and healthy churches
    The future of the movement is only as strong as the churches and pastors leading it.

Vision50 Financial Goal

Raise $6M by May 2024 to create a sustainable Seed Fund, increase leadership development, and launch the next Latin American capital city.
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Committed Giving
Current Commitments
Remaining Need
The Seed Fund
The Seed Fund is an innovative, sustainable fundraising initiative from CMI. It's packed with potential, propels the mission forward, and positions the ministry well for the future.

The Seed Fund Addresses Two Fundamental Challenges
As a church planting movement focused on large, influential Latin American cities, the churches we serve face two significant challenges.
  1. The high cost of growing an influential church and its facilities in an expensive, crowded city;
  2. Sustainable capital to plant numerous churches and keep pace with the growth of these cities.
The new Seed Fund model will function much like a venture capital fund for churches. Imagine a lending institution combined with a co-op.

When a church "borrows money" from the Seed Fund, they do so with all of the traditional rules and expectations you would expect from a traditional bank loan.

But in a traditional load or venture capital investment, the lender is the benefactor of success. In the case of CMI's new Seed Fund approach, the local Latin American churches themselves are the benefactor.

What Are The Significant Advantages of This New Approach?
The advantages are many. Here are a few you'll appreciate:
  • Sustainability: The fund achieves local financial sustainability within 10 years
  • Growth: Our projections estimate 3–5% annual growth of the Seed Fund
  • Ownership: A diverse team of local, highly qualified Latin American leaders will partner with CMI to oversee the Seed Fund

What Our Latin American Church Partners are Saying

We asked four key leaders from Latin America their thoughts on the new Seed Fund.
“The Seed Fund gives us more ownership. Our own churches will be far more invested, involved, and responsible."
Inge Lise A. de Valencia
CMI Quito Coordinator
“We'll be able to make more concrete, strategic plans on how to reach our city with the gospel."
Juanito Jativa
Financial Overseer on Norte Church Construction Committee
“The Seed Fund will enable us to do long-range planning with our sister churches to reach our city."
Jorge Moyano
Former VP of Diners Club Ecuador & Seed Fund Financial Advisor
“I'm excited about the opportunity to plant more churches in strategic locations to reach the whole city."
Javier Silva
Senior Pastor at Norte Church in Quito, Ecuador
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