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Pablo’s Success and Anxiety

Changed Lives
Meet Pablo. He was a successful, driven and self-reliant 24-year old. But crushing anxiety led to dependence on medication to maintain normalcy. Add the sudden abandonment of his father and the demise of his parent’s 30-year marriage, and Pablo’s life came crashing down.

Unknown to Pablo, an open seat at Norte Church is where his estranged father would meet Jesus. The deep wound of betrayal made it all the more difficult for Pablo to accept his father’s invitation to join him. But Pablo could not deny the transformation he witnessed in his father. So, three Christmases ago Pablo took an open seat next to his dad and heard the good news of the gospel.

An open seat led to a brand-new story for Pablo. His parent’s marriage is restored and he leads one of the worship teams at Norte Church.

Jesus is powerfully at work through your prayers and support along with the faithfulness of those at Norte Church. We at CMI thank Jesus for you!