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Ministry Highlights from 2021

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As we celebrate the good news that Christ came to be God with Us, I wanted to also recap some great news we can celebrate together this Christmas season!

The past two years have been a bit crazy. But God does not panic at pandemics! And neither did you! 2021 ended up being an amazing year of ministry for CMI thanks to your prayers, faithfulness, and generosity through it all.

Looking Back: 3 ministry highlights from 2021 for us to celebrate together…
  • Pastoring the Pastors. Quito pastors, spouses, and church staffs told us how much our love and care meant to them as they dealt with ministry exhaustion due to the pandemic. “CMI was one of the few intentionally caring for us,” we heard repeatedly.
  • Church Collaboration. Church collaboration abounded this past year from shared Quito pulpits to joining together to serve the city of Quito.
  • Our new Seed Fund, an innovative financial approach to funding our Latin American churches, was launched and the first project benefiting from this fund will be complete in early 2022.

Looking Ahead: 3 ministry priorities for 2022…
  • New Church Planning. We’re already scouting locations for Norte Church’s first daughter church (the first great-granddaughter church for our work in Quito). Norte is praying and planning in hopes of sending 200 people to form the new congregation by early 2023.
  • 2022 is our movement’s 49th anniversary! As we close in on the 50th anniversary of this movement, we’re praising God for 1 million lives transformed by the gospel and more than 100 urban churches established that disciple tens of thousands every week!
  • Vision50. Raise the final $2.6M for our $6M goal by 2023 to 1) complete a sustainable Seed Fund for Quito, Ecuador, 2) strengthen the leadership development of existing and emerging pastors, and 3) propel the launch of focused ministry in the next Latin American capital city.

Don’t Miss This: $30K End-of-Year Matching Gift Opportunity!
A final bit of great news—through the generosity of a CMI friend, your end of year gift can be doubled up to $30,000! For more information read about this gift match opportunity here.

As we press forward with boldness into 2022, we are excited to share you are a MILLIONAIRE with us in lives transformed by the gospel!

Your prayers and support next year will impact many more lives in Latin America’s key cities!
Thank you for your partnership with us. Have a Merry Christmas!

In Christ,
EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, Church Ministries International
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