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Daniela Herrera–Abandoned No More

“LORD, I can’t bear yet another broken heart.”

By the age of 30, Daniela’s heart had been wounded too many times. Would following Jesus produce anything different than her past disappointments?

Daniela carried burdens of pain and grief from early on. With parents embroiled in a tumultuous relationship, she was thrust into financial independence at 17 when they divorced.

Dad left. Mom sunk into her pain. Daniela realized, “I’ve got to figure out life on my own because I am on my own.”

Immediately, she got a job. Paying for college would be up to her. Head down, she pushed the pain aside, attended college, and began pursuing her career. What followed were 12 years of achievements and success—all attempts to silence the pain of feeling unwanted and unseen as a child.

As Daniela finished her 20s, a young Dutchman entered her life and swept her off her feet. She felt wanted, accepted, seen, and loved. That relationship became the center of all her plans and dreams.

When she was ready to make the official announcement to move and join him in Holland, away from the pain of the past, heartbreak struck again. Daniela discovered infidelity. Devastation washed over her. She was alone again, mourning a future that never started.

But that heartbreak brought her thoughts back to the God she prayed to 15 years ago but had ignored ever since.

“In my brokenness and pain, God met me,” she declared.

A love she never knew before filled her. The first step towards her healing journey started.

Daniela attended a Conference at Norte Church, one of CMI’s partner churches in Quito, Ecuador. At the conference, Daniela heard the Lord say, “Beloved, you need to heal, let my love heal you.”

So, she joined Norte’s 9-month “Celebrate Recovery” program. There, she found the space and support to receive the Father’s love.

Through this ministry, Daniela acknowledged her pain and frustration, experienced the ever-present love of Jesus, reconnected with her parents, and extended forgiveness. Daniela now has a strong and great relationship with her mother and father.

Daniela felt a call from the Lord to leave her career and serve Him. “I will serve you anywhere you want, but please don’t let anyone break my heart again,” she replied.

Daniela graduated from seminary in 2021, and since 2022 she is part of the Norte Church staff running the church’s Bible Academy.

But Daniela’s passion for the word of God goes along with discipling youth ages 15-18. She gets to share the good news of Jesus—“…Behold, I am with you, always.” (Matt 28.20)

“So many youth feel alone, unloved, unseen, and isolated like I did. I love to show them their identity in Christ so they can be loved into loving by Jesus” declares Daniela.

At Norte Church, Daniela found the loving family she longed for. She is forever grateful for the church’s role in guiding her to her purpose after years of pain. She personifies a fulfilled life in God and leads others to do the same.

Your partnership with CMI is healing the hurting hearts of youth in Quito through Daniela. Thanks for joining the work of Jesus with us.