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Gifts of Stock
Transferring appreciable assets.
To provide a gift of qualified appreciated securities to Church Ministries International (CMI), the following instructions are shared to assist you in completing your gift.

The Process
For gifts of qualified stocks, shares are transferred to CMI, the shares are promptly sold, and a check is issued to CMI for the value of the stock.
Once the check is received, it is deposited and credited according to your intentions.

Initiating Your Gift
To initiate this process, it is necessary to instruct your broker to transfer your shares from your account to Church Ministries International. CMI utilizes the Texas Presbyterian Foundation to help manage our investment related transactions.

The following information should be provided to your broker:
1. Name of the stock or mutual fund you wish to transfer
2. Number of shares
3. Account to transfer the shares to:
Brokerage Firm: The Northern Trust Company – Trust Department
Account No.: 26-10466
DTC No.: 2669
FBO – Church Ministries International

Let Us Know
In most cases, CMI is not notified by your broker of a transfer, as such, it is important that you advise us and provide the following information so that we can be sure to credit and acknowledge your gift appropriately. Please let us know:
1. Your name and address
2. The name of the stock or mutual funds you are transferring
3. The number of shares transferred
4. Purpose of the gift

Contacting Us
You can notify us by mail or by emailing us at or calling 972-941-4422.
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