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A Million Reasons for the Biggest Announcement in 50 Years!

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A Million Reasons for the Biggest Announcement in 50 Years!

Are you ready for one of the biggest announcements in nearly a half-century of ministry? You’ve got a million reasons to get excited! So, let’s start there.

An Unlikely Origin for a Million

The clock crept past midnight. Roy and Kenn stepped onto the streets of Lima, Peru. The question keeping them awake was: How can we reach this huge city with the message of Jesus?

There, in the middle of the street, they prayed, “God, we don’t know how, but we are available for whatever you want to do in this city.”

On an October night 48 years ago, after more than a decade of praying, the Lord answered their prayer. It began with an evangelistic outreach in a small Lima church called Lince.

They called it “Lima to an Encounter with God.” What began in that one church would become a movement with few parallels in missions’ history.

In 12 months, the Lince Church of 180 saw more than 1,600 people  come to Christ. The numbers soared the following year. By year three a second church was added. Then a third. Then a fourth. The vision spread from Lima to other Latin countries, multiplying churches and new believers.

Today there are more than 100 churches across several major cities that trace their roots back to that outreach 48 years ago when the Encounter with God (EWG) vision and movement began. And…more than 1,000,000 have placed their faith in Christ through the gospel proclamation of these churches. Now that’s a million reasons to share the excitement of heaven!

YOU are Part-Millionaire, Really!
If you’re reading this, you are part of the CMI family. That means you’ve had a direct hand in this incredible story so far. You are part-millionaire in Christ, with more than a million new brothers and sisters!

What’s Next?
In 2023, we will be celebrating the 50th Anniversary of that first evangelistic event. The CMI Board has been praying about what God might want to see happen over the next 50 years. Given what He’s already done, we believe God is leading us to something more.

Announcing the Vision50 Campaign 
VISION50 encompasses CMI’s priorities for the next 3 years. Priorities that we believe will lay the foundation for the next 50 years of ministry.  VISION50 has three fundamental goals: 

1. Create a sustainable Seed Fund to fuel the movement. This innovative financial
  model will enable local leaders to more rapidly multiply churches.

2. Build enduring church partnerships. Strategic partnerships, shared ideas, networking,
  and unity between churches in Latin America and church partners in North America     increase the potential for impact. 

3. Invest in strong pastors and healthy churches. The future of the movement is only as   strong as the churches and pastors leading it. We will focus on the formation of pastors   and churches that are grace-filled, healthy, and Spirit-led.

Your Role in Vision50 - Investing in the Future
These priorities require an investment of $6 million. God has already provided $3.8 million through the generosity of CMI friends! We are seeking to raise the final $2.2 million by December 2023. 

Join our Vision50 Half-Century Circle today! Information can be found on our website at  Find out how you can fuel the movement that has already impacted one million lives for Christ!